Third-party certification of Jet fire and hydrocarbon fire tests for the oil and gas industry

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Manufacturers of passive fire protection products designated for petroleum, petrochemical and gas plants for onshore and offshore installation need technical specifications in order to meet Fire Testing requirements.

In order to do so, the oil and gas industry has adopted the ISO 22899-1 Standard for Jet Fire Testing and the UL 1709 standard for Hydrocarbon Fire Testing.

Jet fire tests

France Jet fire testJet Fire Standard ISO 22899-1:2007 consists of simulating the thermal and mechanical loads resulting from high-pressure releases of flammable gas, pressurized liquefied gas or flashing liquid fuels.

Jet fire gives rise to high convective and radiative heat fluxes as well as high erosive forces.

This ISO standard was formulated on the basis of experience obtained by performing many tests within laboratories around the world.

Hydrocarbon Fire Tests (HC);

A hydrocarbon fire test is one in which the specimens defined for a standard fire test are exposed in a test furnace to temperatures corresponding to a time temperature smooth curve drawn through temperature points measured above the initial furnace temperature.

France actuator UL1709 within furnaceThe UL 1709 Standard “Rapid Rise Fire Test of Protection Materials for Structural Steel” is one of the oldest and most frequently used furnace test standards for the oil and gas industry.

The temperature rise of UL1709 is more severe than the one required by European hydrocarbon fire regimes (HC).

How we can help

Where requested by manufacturer, designer or vendors, Lloyd’s Register Energy can advise on these requirements.

We provide the approval of your passive fire protection product using recognised standards with help of an inspection team and the support of our fire & safety department for design and compliance aspects.

France Efectis logoThanks to our partnership with the laboratory Efectis, we are able to serve as the third-party certification body for these tests, which will provide official, international, independent and professional recognition and confidence to your clients.

Efectis is a fire expert company and covers all fire safety expertise in testing, and modelling.

The laboratory is accredited under ISO17025.

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